Laki Volcanic Fissure

Mmm, thinking about a new trip to Iceland. It will be cold, but still warmer than the weather we are having here in Belgium right now. Where we live, you do not expect snow and freezing conditions on March 25th, do you ?

These are photo's from our 2011 trip to Iceland. The panoramic views show Laki craters or Lakagigar, a volcanic fissure in the south of Iceland. Laki craters spread tons of basalt lava in the surroundings when they opened up in the 18th century. The eruption happened in 1783 and lasted eight months, pouring out an estimated 14 km³ (3.4 cu mi) of lava. The ashes and sulfur dioxide emitted by the eruption had a global influence on the weather that lasted several years. It even caused famine in France. The story goes that this even has contributed to the French revolution, go figure !

Compared to that outburst recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland were peanuts ! So if you thought Eyjafjallajökull was bad, think again...

Still, the landscape around Laki is wonderful, but it isn’t easy to get there. On the other hand, it is definitely worth the trip. You sure need four wheel driving, and will only succeed to get there in summer. But the yellowish green and brownish purple earth forms and patterns are a joy for the eye.