Desert Architecture Part 2

The Moroccan 50 dirham banknote shows one side the image of the very handsome Amridil Kasbah. It is situated in Skoura, a 25 km² large palmeraie, about 40 km from Ouarzazate in southern Morocco.  Skoura is home to 30.000 people, 38.000 palm trees and several kasbahs in different states of conservation.

Built by the local Caids and Pashas, the Kasbahs had a representative and defensive function, but primarily they were just living quarters. The plan is very straight forward: it is a square with a tower on every corner, with all rooms organized around a central patio.

Sometimes the kasbah is built in a fortified village or Ksar. These are the most wonderful and harmonious juxtapositions of towers and walls, all in the same material, and color,  with simple but elegant and repetitive decorations.