Impression of a Seascape

Summer has been relaxing and refuelling for us and in July has seen us travelling through Indonesia with a most evocative trip in Java and Bali. We started out in Yogyakarta, spending time around the temples and sites of Central Java before heading eastwards to the national parks of Bromo and Kawah Ijen and also Balluran. Then we crossed the Strait of Bali and continued to tour northern and central Bali with its shrines, its green rolling hills and rice terraces.

While Bali's color is greener than green, after sunset the legendary Strait that separates Java from Bali has a sky with very rich and spectacular array of warm pink, orange and magenta tones. It is a beautiful spot to watch the light go down over the northwestern Prapat Agung peninsula of Bali island when night falls in.

And this view as seen from the East-Javan side at Ketapang, inspired us to capture its colors in a photograph-painterly way. With the camera on a sturdy tripod and in panning mode, it was a delight to use long exposures to paint these tableaux in a variety of warm pastels and deep bluish greens. Slow mood photography, or how would you like to call it ?