East Side Gallery

Once upon a time there was a thing called the Cold War. It ended a long time ago, although some people are still eager to bring it back… For 45 years it imposed a division between Eastern and Western Europe, not only ideological but also physical. They had to build a wall to keep the “others” out, or was it the people in ?

Post World War II Berlin was the city where the geopolitical struggle between the East and the West reached its climax. Because it was situated in Russian dominated eastern Germany, the town was walled in. And so Berlin was turned into a divided city and it stayed that way for 38 years.

With the détente in 1989 things rapidly changed and in a few year's time the reunited Germans erased almost all the signs of the hated wall, but not all off them…       

The longest stretch off wall still in its original place is the East Side Gallery. After the hostilities between East and West ended, 118 graffiti artists used the concrete wall as a canvas to comment on the political situation of their time.

Now a protected monument, the East Side Gallery is the largest open air gallery in the world, and a nice place to stroll, away from the famous tourist attractions in Berlin.