Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto 1

The cracked dry soil in the riverbed of the Rio Tinto is very colorful. The river winds all the way down from the mining area through Huelva province until it reaches the Andalusian coast in south of Spain.

Rio Tinto 3

The acidic water of the Rio Tinto drains rocks full of sulfide deposits. Its water carries high concentrations of iron and heavy metals, and supports microorganisms that can live in extreme conditions.


When the rains pour down, the water of the Rio Tinto dillutes and the colors fade away in a whirlpool of high rising water, debris and rocks.

Rio Tinto 2

The water of the Río Tinto is notable for being very acidic with a pH of 2 and its deep red color is due to iron dissolved in its water.


The land- and waterscapes of the Rio Tinto lend itself very well to experiment and search for abstract nature compositions.

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