New Chick In Town

My Alter Ego

South Georgia, Salisbury Plain, King penguin chicks (Aptenodytes patagonicus) in profile. During the first thirty to fourty days of their lives the chicks stay in close vicinity to and under the guarding of their parents. After that period, the chicks have grown much bigger, and at that time a king penguin chick can keep itself warm and protect itself against most predators.  

They then form a group with other chicks, also called crèches. These penguin crèches are guarded by only a few adult king penguins, while the other birds go out to forage at sea. By that time the chicks become more curious and start to explore their surroundings.

Here on South Georgia, like this one, the chicks of the king penguins are very inquisitive and observant when it comes to visitors.

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